"Bobbleheads Will Roll is the eleventh episode of Season 3 of Little Women: Atlanta, and the thirty-sixth episode of the series overall.


Amanda talks to Jordan about the future of their relationship. Monie throws a casino party for Morlin, where Juicy reveals a new venture to the ladies--and Minnie throws plenty of shade towards it.


Minnie and the twins go shopping for some clothes for Andrea's daughter Aubrey's photoshoot. Minnie tells the twins that she wants her mother to move out of her place. She wants to focus on dating, and that isn't easy with her mother having her around all of the time. But she will help her mother find a new place to live. Andrea asks Amanda how her anniversary celebration with Jordan went. Andrea tells her that Jordan told her that he had a surprise for her, and the surprise was a saxophone player. She was expecting him to propose to her, and she got disappointed, and ended up feeling dumb. Minnie reassures Amanda and tells her that she just had high hopes. Andrea and Minnie suggest that Amanda talks to Jordan about how she feels about the situation.

Juicy goes to visit her publicist, and Tanya comes along. Juicy's publicist tells Juicy some of the things that need to be done for Juicy's brand such as updating her website, and having bobbleheads of her made. Then, Ms.Juicy and her publicist videochat with a bobblehead representative, to talk about creating Juicy's bobblehead. Juicy tells the rep that she wants her bobblehead to have her signature red hair, and to look like her, and is curious if she can make the bobblehead talk. The rep tells Juicy that she will have an opportunity to record some phrases for her bobblehead.

Monie and Morlin go to a restaurant together. Morlin tells Monie that he's glad that they worked things out, and Monie needs to be more responsible with things, such as a ring. Monie feels bad for making that mistake and she tells Morlin that she's sorry. Morlin then tells Monie that the wedding is still off because they're working things out again, and he doesn't need the stress of that at the moment. Monie tells Morlin that she doesn't agree with the wedding still being off, and she feels like there can still be a wedding. Morlin explains to Monie that if more people took the time out to work on themselves like he's doing with Monie, there wouldn't be as many people going through divorces. Monie understands where Morlin is coming from, and he's right about them needing to work together so that they'll get back to where they were before. She really wants to do something special for him, and try to get things back on track.

Minnie has a talk with her mother, Tammie. She tells Tammie that she wants her to move out...............

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