Bri Barlup is a main cast member on Little Women: Dallas, and former main cast member on Little Women: Atlanta.


The type of dwarfism that Bri has is Achondroplasia. Before Bri was on Little Women: Atlanta, she was a club dancer alongside her best friend/fellow cast member Emily Fernandez. She and Fernandez were also featured in rapper Lil Chuckee's music video for his song,"Da Wop". After that, Barlup went as Leftcheek and Fernandez went as Rightcheek at performances, and performed together as the duo called,"The Cheeks". Barlup left Atlanta to be with family, and joined the cast of "Little Women: Dallas".

Behind the Scenes

Before being on Little Women:Atlanta, Bri was already friends with Emily Fernandez. They have been friends for at least 5 years, and consider each other family.

Bri has a son named Malik (4), who has Achondroplasia. Malik's father is locally famous rapper, Wooda Bowen. Barlup and Bowen were never in a relationship, and have known each other for at least 5 years. They worked on forming a relationship, but It didn't happen. Although Bri and Wooda aren't in a relationship, they make an effort to co-parent their son Malik.

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