Christy McGinity Gibel is a main cast member on

Little Women: LA


Christy McGinity Gibel was born on August 19, 1977 in Burbank, California.

Before she was on Little Women: LA, Gibel worked as a stand-in for child actors in commercials. She also had minor roles in films, "Death to Smoochy", and "Austin Powers in Goldmember". Gibel was also a financial advisor.

Christy made an appearance in an episode of Little Women: NY.

Behind the Scenes

Christy married Todd Gibel in May 2014. She has a daughter named Autumn (16), and a son named Trenton from her first marriage. Both Autumn and Trenton are little people.

In November 2016, Gibel underwent neck surgery and suffered a stroke during the surgery. The type of neck surgery that she underw had never been performed on a little person before. She survived, but required months of recovery.

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