Joe Gnoffo is a main cast member on Little Women: Terra's Little Family.


Joe Gnoffo was born on August 12, 1975. The type of dwarfism that Joe has is Pseudoachondroplasia.

Prior to being on Terra's Little Family, Joe was a drummer in the cover band "Nirvanish". He has also made appearances in TV shows such as "Drake and Josh", "Desperate Housewives", and "According to Jim".

Gnoffo has made many appearances on Little Women: LA.

Behind the Scenes

Joe dated Little Women: NY star Lila Call before he got married.

Joe is married to Little Women: LA star/executive producer Terra Jolé. Gnoffo and Jolé have two children: Penelope (2), and Grayson (8 Months). Penelope has Achondroplasia (like her mother), and Grayson has Pseudoachondroplasia, like Joe.

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