"Mama Drama" is the 5th episode of Season 3 of Little Women: Atlanta, and the 30th episode of the series.


Tanya reveals the truth about her relationship with Nico. Juicy invites the ladies to the taping of the pilot for her TV show. Andrea shares some news with Amanda that could divide their family.


The episode begins with some footage of what happened at the end of the previous episode. The group and their dates are at a restaurant so that they can all meet Tanya's ex, Nico. Things got heated, so Nico and Tanya leave the restaurant. Andrea's boyfriend Chris gets up and acts as if he's going to fight Nico, and storms out of the restaurant. All of the ladies dates run after Chris, and attempt to hold him back from fighting. When Chris goes outside, Nico and Tanya are far away in the parking lot, and an altercation doesn't take place. In the commentary, Tanya says that evening was supposed to consist of a nice dinner so that everyone could meet Nico, and it was disrespectful how everyone was hounding her with questions about she and Nico's relationship. Back at the restaurant, everybody sits back down at the table. Andrea was mad with Tanya, and finds it unfair how no one can talk about Nico and Tanya's relationship, but no one can talk about hers. Juicy says that she had no idea that asking Nico and Tanya about their relationship would ruin their night. Sam says that everyone says things that they don't mean.

Monie, Andrea, Amanda, and Minnie are on their way to Alabama, because they were invited to a Rickey Smiley Morning Show event there. On the ride there, they talk about what happened at the dinner. One of the twins say that Tanya wants a relationship, but Nico doesn't, and one could tell how much Tanya is into Nico. Minnie says that Tanya let her emotions get the best of her. Andrea points out how when she would ask Tanya questions, Tanya would get an attitude with her, and she doesn't know why she was getting heated up. Monie tells the ladies that they should look at the situation through Tanya's perspective and see that she wants to be in a relationship like almost all of the ladies in the group, but Nico doesn't want to give her that at the moment. She says that Tanya and Nico were out of line at the restaurant, but Tanya is going through something with Nico and needs their support, not their anger.

Tanya and Sam go to the park together and talk about what happened at the dinner. Tanya says that she wasn't expecting a lot of drama to happen at the dinner. She points out how Minnie's boyfriend Gary told Nico that he left Tanya, when in reality he didn't. She felt like Andrea was trying to throw the "bad father card" on Nico to take the heat off of her boyfriend Chris, and what's going on with her and Nico is no one's business, and she really doesn't tell the world her business. Then, Tanya decides to tell Sam the full story about her and Nico.

When Tanya was with Devon (a few years before), she and Nico weren't speaking at the time. She was going to New York for work, so she and Nico met up because she needed a security guard. She was a dancing at the time, and she didn't want to go to the clubs by herself. She eventually got pregnant (with her son Jaidan), and she thought that the baby was Devon's. She didn't want to tell Devon that the baby wasn't his because she was scared that she'd lose him, he'd find out that she was with someone else, and she'd be a single mom. Tanya wishes that when she found out that she was pregnant she told Devon the truth. When she was living with Devon, she wasn't in the right headspace. Devon wasn't paying her any mind, and Nico was in the right place at the wrong time. She had Devon believing that her son Jaidan was his up until he was born. Nico told Tanya that her baby looks just like him, and he wanted to get a DNA test. Tanya agreed to have her son do the DNA test with Nico, but she thought that Nico wasn't her son's father. Looking back, Tanya was in denial of her son being Nico's because she didn't want him to be. When Nico called her and told her the results, Tanya felt like she was having a heart attack. She will never forget the moment that she told Devon that her son wasn't his.

Tanya doesn't have any feelings against Nico or Devon, and she wants them to be the best dads they can be, because her kids deserve the best. Everything makes sense to Sam, and she had no idea how much of a roller-coaster ride Tanya has been through with Nico.

The Twins, Minnie, and Monie are in Alabama, and they make it to the Rickey Smiley Morning Show event with Juicy. The Rickey Smiley Morning Show is a national syndicated radio show, and it's the number one show in Atlanta. At the event, there are hundreds of spectators. Rickey Smiley calls the ladies on stage one at a time, and the crowd loves them. They dance and frolic on stage. The ladies also take pictures with fans. After that, the ladies go backstage with Rickey Smiley. Rickey talks to Ms.Juicy about how she should be doing more television related things. Juicy says that she's working on it, and she's been thinking about making her sex talk radio show a bigger thing. Rickey suggests that Juicy should make her show into a TV pilot.

Back in Atlanta, Minnie and Sam go shopping at a boutique show. Sam asks Minnie how things are going between her and Gary. Minnie says that things are going well,....................................

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