Robert "Wooda" Bowen guest-starred in episodes of Little Women: Atlanta and Little Women: Dallas.


Wooda first appeared on Little Women: Atlanta as the father of Bri Barlup's son, Malik. The two were never in a relationship, and have known each other for over five years. They went to a relationship counselor, where Wooda said he saw himself in a relationship with Bri--just not at that moment, and admitted that he was intimate with another woman at the time.

The two agreed to co-parent their son Malik, and even lived together despite their failed attempts to form a relationship.

Many months after Bri, Wooda, and their son Malik moved to Dallas, Wooda left Bri and Malik behind to pursue his music career, since he had gotten signed to a record label.

Behind the Scenes

Wooda is the father to two children. Malik Bowen (4), who's mother is Bri Barlup, and Woody (6), from a previous relationship. Like his mother, Malik has Achondroplasia dwarfism. He also has a sister named Chee Chee.

Wooda is a rapper under the name "Ratchetasswooda". He has recorded over a dozen songs, including, "I'm Gone", featuring Little Women: Dallas cast member Emily Fernandez.

In 2017, Wooda got signed to a record label.

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