Terra Jolé is a main cast member on Little Women: LA and Little Women: Terra's Little family. She also works as executive producer for Little Women: LA, Little Women: NY, Little Women: Terra's Little Family, Little Women: Atlanta, and Little Women: Dallas.


Terra Jolé was born on May 25, 1980 in New Braunfels, Texas. The type of dwarfism that Jolé has is Achondroplasia. She works as executive producer for Little Women LA, Little Women: NY, Little Women: Terra's Little Family, and Little Women: Dallas. She is also a member of the Producers Guild of America.

Before co-starring in Little Women: LA, Jolé was an actress. She acted in films such as, "Tales From Beyond", and "Austin Powers III". She was featured in the TV shows "CSI: Las Vegas", and "Chelsea Lately", as "Mini Britney Spears", (a character that Jolé created).

She has also performed on stage with singers such as Cyndi Lauper and Miley Cyrus (alongside other Little Women stars Jordanna James and Brittney Guzman).

In 2014, Jolé released two music singles titled, "Booty Bee" and "Imma Let You Know". In 2016, she released "Penny's Playlist", a full album of children songs.

Terra appeared in a Season 2 episode of Little Women: NY, was the hostess for the Season 1 and Season 3 reunions of Little Women: Atlanta, the Season 1 Reunion of Little Women: Dallas, a Season 2 episode of Little Women: Atlanta (via Facetime), and three Season 1 episodes of Little Women: Dallas.

In 2016, Jolé competed in season 23 of Dancing with the Stars with professional partner Sasha Farber, making her the first little person to ever compete on the show. Farber and Jolé were eliminated in week 10 of the competition and finished in fifth place.

Behind the scenes

Terra was already friends with Traci Harrison Tsou and Tonya Banks before being on Little Women: LA. Jolé and Banks have been best friends for over 13 years.

She married Joe Gnoffo in 2015. They welcomed a daughter named Penelope on March 16, 2015. Penelope has Achondroplasia. In August 2016, they welcomed a son named Grayson. It is currently unknown if Grayson has dwarfism.

Terra has a YouTube channel called "Mini Mama" that consists of music videos from her "Penny's Playlist" album, and videos related to children or being a mother.

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