Monie Cashette is a main cast member on Little Women: Atlanta


Monie Cashette was born on October 26 in Houston, Texas. The type of dwarfism that Monie has is NPR 2, which is a rare type of dwarfism.

Besides being on Little Women: Atlanta, Cashette became the voice actor for the character "Monie the Ladybug", on the children's show, "Nubbin & Friends". She also joined The Atlanta Social Club.

Behind the Scenes

Monie has a son named Derrick "D2" Jr. (11) from her previous marriage. D2 is average-sized. In 2017, Cashette married her soulmate Morlin. Her wedding and wedding preparations were chronicled in four special episodes of Little Women: Atlanta.

She was already friends with castmates Tanya and Sam before being on the show.

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